pros* is a student-run journal initiated between the PhD and MFA programs in the Visual Arts Department at University of California, San Diego. Proceeding from the Department's pedagogical premise, the journal seeks to open a space of dialogue between the disciplines of art practice and art history, criticism and theory. Conversation becomes both the starting point and the process from which each issue of the journal unfolds. Self consciously working against traditional models of the scholarly art journal, pros* resists the desire to begin each issue from a theme. Instead, each issue is propelled by an initial conversation, which subsequently acts as the call for participation for the rest of the issue.

pros* was formally launched in Winter of 2010 with the publication of Issue Zero - Creative Agency and the Public Good. Since its initial publication, the journal's model has expanded to include a Pocket Issue. Launched in Summer of 2010, the Pocket Issue loosely follows the dialogical approach, however, it attempts to produce more immediate responses and short term inquiry to local issues and events. The speed with which the pocket issue is produced allows for informal investigation, straddling the divisions between journal, artist book and 'zine.

pros* is published annually. The Pocket Issue is published as needed. The editorial structure consists of an editorial collective comprised of former issue editors. The issue editors change from issue to issue, allowing pros* to explore a broad range of topics and areas of interest.